About Us

Why Hire Us?



Through my coaching we are constantly reviewing best practices that are obtaining results from around the country and putting them into practice for our listings.

  • What form of ACTIVE marketing did your last agent do?
    • Were they able to capture leads from buyers specifically looking at your property 24x7?
    • Did they actively follow-up all leads to find a buyer for your home?
    • Did they do all of the things on our plan to find you a buyer?

NO? Then you need to hire us to get the job done!

  1. Prospect 3 hours per day for Buyers by phone or door knocking around listing area. We do this 5 days a week. We continue this until a buyer is found and you are in contract.
    • Build a Personal Property Website for your home and publish on Internet for full web exposure to all public MLS sites with a minimum of 20 photos. We get on a minimum of 350 different websites to expose your property! (Ask about rotation)
    • Spend time coaching buyers agents to help them overcome a buyers objections to making a decision if on the fence about your home.
    • I have an accountability team that works together with our team, to hold us accountable for getting your home SOLD! We review our results weekly with our coaching team and integrate new activities as needed, constantly striving to get results.
    • Notify top Relocation Agents in both Greater Sacramento Area & the Bay Area to expose your home to potential relocating buyers. Deliver over 125,000 EFlyers monthly and follow any inquiries within 4 hours.
    • Aggressively pursue best practices for the present market to get your property noticed by the active buyer agents. I pay over $25K a year to be coached by the best in the business to keep me aware of new methods working in today’s market
    • Contact our regional, national & international resources of buyer leads, center of influence & past clients for prospective buyers. We have contacts worldwide we solicit our listings to we also utilize several Bay Area lead sources through our local office & over 32,000 active agents to market to Bay Area Clients relocating to greater Sacramento Area.
    • Continually review statistics and provide bi-weekly communication reports on the market, showings & feedback on your property and what actions we recommend to get the property sold.
    • Actively follow potential interested clients & agents to assist in bringing an offer in on your home...alternatively we may suggest a pre-emptive offer to ensure all avenues for an offer are explored.
    • Track our results, adjust our contact base and report results on a biweekly basis to YOU!

10 Reasons to Hire A Mike Ferry Trained Real Estate Agent

  • We will always tell you the truth regarding the market and pricing comparables.
  • We are experts in our marketplace and study the market statistics everyday.
  • We aggressively look for sellers and buyers for our listings a minimum of 3 hours per day!
  • We deliver outstanding customer service and customer communication.
  • We follow a defined plan of action to get your home sold. We keep a rigorous schedule and track our results. We are held accountable by a team and report to them our results as well as to you!
  • We have the power to protect your equity by negotiating the best price for your home.
  • We are in a network of the most highly trained Real Estate agents in North America to attract relocation buyers for your home.
  • We work with Coaches weekly strategizing how to sell your home for top market value in the shortest amount of time.
  • We are constantly improve my skills by attending at least 4 intense training seminars each year.
  • We are committed to becoming a great salesperson … I invested $15,000 a year to help me develop my skills and my associates skills to deliver so that we can deliver the best customer service possible.  We hold each other accountable to follow our process, think outside the box and put servicing you the client as our number 1 daily goal.